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Free Write: A Counterintuitive Start to August

· Life Lessons

Which means. August is almost here. Which means you have successfully experienced 7 months of 2017. Which means the memories created would be invaluable until the end of time. Which means you have 5 months. 5 solid months to do something remarkable. Which means you can still get up, stand up, for your life. And for the lives of those around you. Which means you have earned the courage to live. A courage not everyone who started this year could afford (RIP to the lost souls). You have earned the opportunity to smile. Take it. To embrace the fortunate and unfortunate realities of life. Love it. Which means it's absolutely not okay to categorize this as your worst year. Come on - too soon! Which means it's very okay to call it your best year. Which means the best is yet to come. Which means you understand the power of manifestation. Let's go! Which means you realize a miracle is knocking at your door. Can you cultivate the au-dacity to check?

- Jeph Acheampong

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